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We provide Multi Me Community packages for individuals and organisations

The Multi Me network is made up of lots of different Communities which users need to join in order to gain access to. Communities can either be around a service or group such as a school, college, club or social care provider, or linked directly to an individual (Circle Community). Multi Me users can join any number of these Communities or create their own.

  • Service based Communities for education, health and social care providers
  • Circle Communities for individuals and families
  • Manage your community membership and define roles and responsibilities of users; Admins, Buddies and Members
  • Create Groups and Events in your community
  • Moderate sharing of user Stories, Goals, Folders and Conversations

My Circle Community

Multi Me Circle Communities are linked directly to individual users. They provide a secure online social platform for the collaboration of multi-agencies around the persons own support needs and life goals. Circle Communities are typically made up of an individual's friends, family and people who work and support them and form an online support network around them. My Circle Community provides an ideal digital platform to facilitate a child's or young persons Education, Health and Care Plan.

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Packages for Organisations

Multi Me offers a range of different package options for organisations and services such as schools, colleges, Local Authorities, user-led groups and social care providers.

Multi Me for your organisation is a great way to build personalisation within your service, make your service more outcome focused, build your outreach to families and the wider community and work together with other professional agencies. Multi Me could save you a lot of time 're-inventing' the wheel and improve efficiency within your organisation.  

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