One of the core aims of Multi Me has been to create an online platform that would allow people with learning disabilities and their allies to use multi-media such as digital pictures, videos, audio and text as a language to communicate. For people who struggle with, or do not use verbal language, multi-media is a powerful communication tool that can help to bridge the gap between the verbal and non-verbal worlds.

  • Multi-media is a wonderful way of capturing and celebrating an individuals achievement, which can be so difficult to do in words
  • Multi-media is a fun, direct and powerful communication and self-advocacy tool for many people with learning disabilities
  • Multi-media a powerful way of reflecting and discussing a persons own communication/behaviour within a focused team, especially those with complex needs and non-verbal communication
  • Multi-media can provide an alternative and fun approach for learners to explore curriculum subjects and can help develop literacy, numeracy and other learning skills
  • Multi Me makes using multi-media easy and intuitive for all