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Multi me is a secure social platform for individuals with disabilities and the circle of people that support them in their daily lives. The platform has a range of accessible tools designed to give people a voice and enable them to have choice and control in their life.

Through multi me we aim to empower individuals and build communities of collaboration and support online.


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A Person Centred Toolkit

Multi me provides accessible, web-based digital tools for people of all ages and abilities. The tools are designed to help people build their online network, have a voice and enable them to have choice and control in their life.


Using digital pictures, audio and photos combined with text, is a powerful way to communicate, share and record. Multi me allows people with learning disabilities and the people who support them day-to-day, capture or embed media from a variety of sources throughout the platform.

Multi me makes using and managing multimedia quick and easy and provides secure unlimited cloud storage for its clients.

Secure Social

Multi me is a secure social platform that has a range of safeguarding and moderation features built in to enable the safe and positive participation of its users.

The multi me platform can provide a secure social network around a community, such as a school, college or provider and/or an individuals own circle of friends, family and paid individuals who support them day to day.

Vulnerable users and those requiring support can be assigned a ‘Buddy’ who can support and help them use the system.


Manage your Communities


Multi me allows administrators to manage their own social communities. The Account Holder Panel allows administrators to apply templates, define user roles and easily manage access for users.


Technical Overview 

Multi me is a cloud-based web application that can be accessed anywhere via the Internet using an up-to-date device including smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer and Internet browser.


Our Mission

We are devoted to help people with learning disabilities have a voice and benefit from social media and technology. We want to help build amazing communities of listening, celebrating, co-operation and support online.

Whoever we are, we all rely on the love, help and support of others. This is MULTI ME!

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